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Monday, January 5th, 2009
2:23 am

I miss those days.


current mood: stressed
5 should go die
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
2:04 am - geriatric vampire
10 should go die
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
4:34 pm - weakerthans/cons epic tour.

Rolling Tundra Revue 2008 with The Weakerthans

03/19/09 St. John's, NF Club One
03/20/09 Halifax, NS The Palace
03/22/09 Sackville, NB George's Roadhouse
03/23/09 Fredericton, NB UNB - SUB Ballroom
03/25/09 Quebec, QC Le Cercle
03/26/09 Montreal, QC Le National
03/28/09 Ottawa, ON Bronson Centre
03/29/09 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
04/03/09 London, ON London Music Club
04/04/09 Guelph, ON River Run Centre
04/17/09 Winnipeg, MB Burton Cummings Theatre
04/21/09 Regina, SK Ridell Centre
04/22/09 Saskatoon, SK The Odeon Events Centre
04/23/09 Edmonton, AB Winspear Centre
04/25/09 Calgary, AB MacEwan Ballroom
04/26/09 Banff, AB Wild Bill's
04/27/09 Kelowna, BC Kelowna Community Theatre
04/28/09 Victoria, BC Element
05/01/09 Vancouver, BC The Commodore Ballroom
05/02/09 Vancouver, BC The Commodore Ballroom
05/04/09 Whitehorse, YT Yukon Arts Centre

5 should go die
Monday, October 20th, 2008
11:34 pm
2 should go die
Saturday, August 25th, 2007
8:09 am


go die
Sunday, February 18th, 2007
11:33 pm
Of the 343 things on THIS LIST, what all have you seeeeeeeeeeeeeen?

Not too many, huh?

I love you, CBC.

I should probably do something productive, but whatever.
10 should go die
Sunday, June 20th, 2004
2:24 pm
listen to 20 songs, write lyrics from each then have people guess what they are. dont use the title in the lyrics.

1. racing to find you and losing our way back to
the end of you. racing to lose you and finding our way back to
thoughts of you. until now, my eyes understood

2. Better save the hot hot seat for the emperor. He's the arsonist, yeah I got the evidence.

3. your fax machine can fax me back and get in touch with my cappucino maker.

4. you get up and dance around the room -- my eyes are on you.

5. she said she loved me, but she had somewhere to go. she couldn't scream while I held her close. I swore I'd never let her go.

6. the radio is playing our tune. I love it, could you turn it down? the thought of you crying in my room. I miss you, could you come around sometime?

7. Boat remembers the carpenter's sure hand. Missing fishy flutter on it's rudder. Sold at an auction, on a dolly ever since. Sometimes rainy days drop boyish wonder.

8. and another night hangs at the end of it's rope. and our held-off white hours bleeds three shades to the wind... the turn table turns, and the organ comes in.

9. don't blame yourself, it was everyone around that made you act you this way. there's a stage, and a chance to watch it go down.

10. but though times have brought change, I've accepted the fact that you don't understand me.

11. I know, by the look in your eyes it's time to go. We rub our legs like crickets. kicking cans and stones. Make it electric. I've got to know I'm still alive

12. what once was lost was what once was not.

13. wash it from my eyes, all the sad goodbyes, make me feel again. leave me here, to reconcile these unfinished plans...love broke me.

14. And old townies are tired of the beaches and bars
being packed so tight.And bridges, and traffic, and inlets, are locked in their fight.

15. but the fucking kids in front of us, were really really tall! I got kicked in the head more than one time...

16. we won't say, we won't bleed

17. I got a key to the door where nobody knows me...

18. angel, I can see myself in your eyes...

19. maybe we could blame our culture for what it did, our parents for what they didn't do.

20. And this is why I am leaving. And this is why I can't see you no more. This is why I am lying when I say that I don't love you no more


current mood: anxious
10 should go die

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